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Stay Connected and Up-to-Date During the Coronavirus Crisis

Stay connected to LULAC throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Visit often for up-to-date information and useful resources for you and your family.

This page offers a central online location where you can find opportunities to stay connected, volunteer activities, updates on community events and information on where to turn if you or someone you know is in need of assistance.

Educational Resources

English Classes

Free sites to learn English and improve basic reading, writing, speaking and life skills. Offers free language instruction where users translate documents and vote on the accuracy of those translations. 


We work in partnership with organizations that have similar objectives the following are links to information. Please check our site for more information as we update it frequently.  Colaboramos con organizaciones para avanzar los derechos de nuestra comunidad. Por favor regrese a nuestra página para más información ya que la actualizamos frecuentemente.

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