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The motivation to establish the LULAC Pa’lante Technology Center (tech center) was in direct response to data released in October, 2018 by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) showing a decline in on-time graduation rate for Richmond Public Schools (RPS) students from 76.9 (2017) to 75.4 9 (2018); the state’s second-worst graduation rate. The report also indicated a steeper decline for RPS Latino students- the lowest graduation rate (38%) and the highest drop-out rate (60%)- of all the districts within the Commonwealth of Virginia.  

The Tech Center aims to create a safe and welcoming environment where families can gain technology and language skills in collaboration with the Richmond Public Schools Welcome Center, Office of Community Wealth Building, and Richmond City Parks and Recreation. The environment is designed to encourage an interactive and safe learning space for members of the community.  There is a specific focus on guiding United States Newcomers through the education process and cultural norms. Various learning skills are woven throughout program in addition to: 

  • Exposing English learners to high-quality, engaging digital tools that integrate language, literacy, and academic vocabulary. 

  • Supporting families in partnering with the school community.

The Learning Lab, a branch of the tech center, will provide academic support to students, monitor their progress, and prepare students to meet or exceed state standards with the goal of graduating and being prepared for college or career.


Learning Lab will offer: *

  • Computer literacy 

  • Academic language support

  • Financial literacy

  • English conversational skills

  • Listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills development 

  • SOL preparation 

  • College & career support

  • STEM related activities 

  • Educational policies and rights information

* Classes are offered as needed and with the availability of community members and partnerships. 


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