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Richmond Region LULAC Members
Richmond Region LULAC Members
Richmond Region LULAC Members
Richmond Region LULAC Members

Who We Are

Richmond Region LULAC 4614 members are part of a nationwide network of community activists who are protecting our civil rights in the areas of immigration, social services, education, health, and economic opportunity at the local, state, and national levels.  LULAC is a non-partisan volunteer driven nationwide organization of committed staff and volunteers who selflessly serve those in need and work to ensure every individual has an equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream and is afforded the protections guaranteed them under the U.S. Constitution.


What We Do 

LULAC councils across the United States hold voter registration drives, provide tutorial programs and educational opportunities, and partner with organizations to ensure the protection of voter rights, an alarming increase of xenophobia, and anti-Hispanic sentiment.

As a LULAC member, you will be part of an organization whose members are making a difference through volunteer programs addressing the needs of the Latino community. You will also be

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