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LULAC Issues Statement On Senate Confirmation Of Amy Coney Barrett

Nation’s Leading Latino Civil Rights Organization Calls Confirmation an Attack on Democracy

Washington, DC - Sindy Benavides, National Chief Executive Officer of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), issued the following statement on the United States Senate confirmation of President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court even as Americans are already voting in the 2020 elections:

“Today, politicians won and the American people lost. Replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in this manner is irresponsible and a direct attack on our democracy. May we not forget that these are the actions of a small body of elected representatives deciding on their own to rush through a nominee who has not been properly vetted. Worst of all, this is happening only days away from November 3rd, the culmination of one of the most critical elections of our lifetimes. By the deliberate act of these Senators, our democracy and our nation lose.

We are deeply troubled by Judge Barrett’s stance on issues such as voting rights, immigration, climate change, and reproductive rights. These are issues that impact Latinos and people of color every day. Deciding a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court is one of the cornerstones to our legacy as a country. Now we are faced with the very real prospect of losing precious civil rights for decades as a result of capricious partisan politics that have no place in our legal system, much less the Supreme Court.

LULAC will be on the watch and continue to monitor closely the legal rulings which will begin to come forth shortly from this new Supreme Court. Our struggle for ensuring the rights of every man, woman and child in the United States will not let up and our voice will not go silent.”

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