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Join us at the LULAC Virtual Summit 2020!

LULAC Virtual Summit: A Call To Action The world has changed and many in our communities are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19. These disparities have caused unmeasurable damage and loss of life. We must come together and say: “ENOUGH! YA BASTA!”

The 2020 LULAC Virtual Summit is an online conference that brings together community leaders and experts to address the major issues affecting minority communities, with a focus on Latinos. These issues include the importance of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, the challenges facing our community in Puerto Rico, our collective push for gender equity, access to quality health care, education amid COVID-19, the outlook for immigration reform, continuing the struggle for full LGBTQ rights, the role of financial literacy in empowering Latinos and much more. Together, we can connect and foster conversations as a community while staying safe at home.

You are invited to learn more about the LULAC Virtual Summit at Invite your colleagues, your friends and your familia to sign up!

Changemakers don’t just participate in a movement, they help build it.

We will see you there!

Richmond Region LULAC Council 4614

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