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Public Comment for June 1, 2020 RPS School Board on behalf of the Richmond Region LULAC

We would like to inform the RPS school board members that we continue to urge them to postpone their adoption of a new curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year. Now more than ever we urge the school board to use funds from the curriculum line item to plan for the return to school either in person or virtually. In response to recent nationwide political events, we also urge the school board to increase funding to trauma informed care services to both RPS students and educators and to fund cultural competence training to all RPS employees. Our LULAC Afro-Latinx members have first hand experience with systemic racism both in their home countries and here in the United States - we stand in solidarity with them and the Black American Community and urge the school board to dedicate a meaningful amount of time to evaluate its own policies and procedures that continue to support systemic racism in our schools, city, state and nation.

Richmond Region LULAC understands the need to have an effective curriculum but as long as our school system fails to serve and protect students who are historically marginalized, resources like a new curriculum will only benefit those who are privileged enough to engage in the resources both while at school and at home. Postpone the purchase of the curriculum until access to online learning to all RPS students and families can be guaranteed and conduct a disparities study of our division to guide your decision making with accurate data and authentic community feedback.

Thank you,

Richmond Region LULAC Council #4614

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