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Poll Worker Recruitment Day 2020 LULAC Says Presente!

Early voting is about to start in the 2020 elections and soon, November 3rd, 2020 will be here.

A President, members of Congress plus state, county and local candidates will be elected who will affect each of us in the United States and Puerto Rico.

We are living during two pandemics that are disproportionately impacting Latinos and communities of color: Covid19 and voter suppression. That’s why LULAC is part of the coalition that is leading Power the Polls, an opportunity for you to volunteer in your community and welcome Latinos who are turning out to cast their ballots in a safe manner.

It’s simple and easy to do.

You will also find many helpful resources and tips you can use right away to share with other LULAC members, family and friends to get them involved too.

Nothing is more important to LULAC than making sure we are trained and ready at the polls when millions of Latinos turn out to cast their ballots! Our lives and those of our families are at stake.

Join Power the Polls and be part of Democracy in Action!

This is our moment in LULAC history to serve and turn out our community. Let’s make sure when Latinos show up to vote in this historic election, they will see you and me and know

LULAC is presente!

Let us make November 3rd a day of victory for Democracy in America!

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