English Language Learner Virtual Classroom


As schools closed down across the nation to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Richmond Region LULAC became laser-focused on how this action would impact the ability of English Language Learning (ELL) students would be disproportionately impacted by the closures.  To address this crisis, Richmond Region LULAC started a virtual learning program using online technology and a cadre of more than 50 volunteers.  This effort to support ELs is especially important because of the double prong slide ELs face in education.  In addition to an academic slide all students face anytime they are away from school for an extended period of time, English learners are faced with the regression of English language skills as well.  We want to reduce this double prong slide as much as possible.


LULAC has mobilized a large number of volunteers in our community to support young people in completing school assignments, including practicing English. LULAC volunteers and people are not affiliated with Richmond Public Schools and therefore we are neither responsible nor responsible for fulfilling the specific mandates of Richmond Public Schools. We also do not follow a mandatory homework curriculum. The goal is to support young people whose primary language is not English with continuing their learning and growth towards a successful future. Our tutoring will enable students who are still learning the English language to continue learning both English and their general education objectives. 

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Jessica Agosta -  EL Support Team, Middle School Teacher